Resolute Adaptive

Resolute Adaptive Single

To keep our single out ahead of the crowd, we took the best of the original Resolute 1x design and improved everything from balance and ergonomics to materials and manufacturing. The result: a faster, more durable, FISA compliant boat. Available in Lightweight and Heavyweight models, every Z1 is delivered fully fitted with angled composite footstretcher and Nike Omada shoes. Custom painting, rigging, and accessories are also available.

You are hands down the best in the business. You have great boats, great service, that's what it's all about.

- Jeffreye Booth
Coach: Boston Latin High School

Resolute Adaptive
Resolute Adaptive

Wave Piercing Bow:

Resolute Bows were conceived by America’s Cup Winning hull designers to reduce excess weight and pierce waves for a smooth even ride rather than riding up and over waves creating the ‘hobby horse’ effect that unbalances the set of the boat.

The Z1 is available in: heavyweight and lightweight models.

Z1 Lightweight Model

Hull Light 1x
Length 25 ft 4 in
Width 8 in
Beam* 14.25 in
Rower Weight 130-180 lbs

*beam measured at widest point at top of gunwale flange

Z1 Heavyweight Model

Hull Heavy 1x
Length 25 ft 4 in
Width 9 in
Beam* 15.25 in
Rower Weight 175-235 lbs

*beam measured at widest point at top of gunwale flange