Resolute Adaptive
Resolute Adaptive

Helping Maximize Individuals' Abilities

Everyone involved with Resolute Adaptive is committed to Changing the Dialogue for all Adaptive Athletes. Our goal is to build & actively distribute equipment that adapts athletes to maximize individual abilities. As we interact and take note of new challenges that face adaptive athletes...we will continue to utilize our expertise and technology to provide cutting ­edge solutions to deliver an edge back to the athlete.

2018 - Current Projects

Adaptive Rowing
Resolute 1X Para Rowing Seat is "Changing The Dialogue" for all adaptive rowers...novice and competitive. The 1X delivers an unmatched connection to the boat allowing maximum propulsion on the water.  The adaptive seat is available in a 15" model and comes standard with seat pan, height/depth & angle adjustable back rest, adjustable knee and chest strap, 1 set of boat mounting hardware.

SoftWheel for Wheelchairs

SoftWheel's proprietary internal suspension mechanism delivers to any adaptive athlete vastly more freedom when out and about. Greatly reduced and vibration and energy return to the rider means a more smooth and comfortable ride across any path. SoftWheel comes in 24" and 25" and is adaptable to most every make of chair.